In 1955, Harue Abiru (bottom left) and Charles William Lahn left Japan for America. Harue was from Chiba Prefecture, just east of Tokyo. Charles had enlisted in the Army at Fort Dix Texas in 1948.

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Like all Japanese War Brides, Yasue Hayakawa (top left) left behind family and loved ones to start a new life in America. She was 24-years old and pregnant with her daughter when she boarded a ship to be with her husband, Johnnie Williams, stationed at Hamilton Air Force Base in Northern California. After sailing from Yokohama Bay, she landed in San Francisco on April 19, 1952.

‚ÄčTeruko Nishina (bottom right) came from Fukuoka and met Roland Franklin Stead, Jr. who came from Boston Massachusetts. Roland recalled the countless forms required to bring his bride to the U.S.--including physicals, interviews with friends and neighbors, character witnesses, counseling, and extensive background checks by law enforcement.

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