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Yuriko Naito left Ota-ku Tokyo for Richmond Texas in 1952 during Jim Crow and segregation. She remembers being invited to sit at the front of a bus by its white driver although she was accompanying her black relatives. It confused her.

She also recalls having to kill a snake that had crawled inside her house while she was alone with her two children--a toddler and an infant.

Battling mosquitoes and tarantulas, Yuriko also faced hostile Southerners who had never seen an Asian before, let alone a Japanese person. Many Americans at the time blamed all Japanese, even powerless female civilians like her, for starting WWII.


every War Bride has a story...

In 1953, Asako Sakaguchi of Osaka met Phillip Michael Miller who was in the USMC Tokyo Honor Guard in Japan. After she married him in 1956, Asako came to the U.S and traveled to places like Iowa City where her in-laws lived, and Las Vegas, where she played the slot machines.

In Tripoli Libya, she attended the "Marine Corps Ball and Ambassador Welcome" wearing a gown she had sewn from her own kimono obi (sash).