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Yayoi Lena Winfrey & Throwing Rice Productions

An illustrator|designer turned author, journalist and screenwriter, Yayoi began pursuing filmmaking in 1998 while living in Santa Monica. Yayoi on IMDB.

Recalling the sweet-natured Japanese War Bride mothers she grew up around on military bases, Yayoi is now on a mission to tell as many of their stories as possible. In her mind, they are beautiful, brave, bodacious and bad-ass!

arrigatou gozaimashita to:

Family Photos: Jean Lahn, M Craig, Margaret Tinsley, Susan Stead-Carter, Masumi Shimura

Archival Photos: Doug Price, The Library of Congress, The U.S. National Archives,

Wikimedia Commons

Ship Manifest: Michele Thomas, U.S. Warbrides

Music: Matthew "Music Pilgrim" Williams

Cash and In-Kind Donations: Global Music Awards

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